Needs For Guest

* Age and Gender specific toiletry bags

* Pampers (All Sizes)

*Socks, T-shirts and underwear for men and women.

*New pillows and pillow cases


Quality of life needs for current and recently transitioned guests

* Walmart/Target gift cards

* Supermarket gift cards

* Long distance cards (To reconnect with loved ones)

* Gas Cards

* Transportation Vouchers (CAT bus passes)

* Activity gift certificate (movies, bowling, etc.,)


IHN relies heavily on volunteers to support our efforts towards moving families from homelessness to self-sufficiency. Not only do volunteers help save our bottom line but the interaction and support with clients is invaluable. Please consider the following list as a way you or your family can be involved.

Donation Transporter - Assist with transporting much needed donations to our storage unit or to the home of a newly transitioned guest.

Special Events Assistant - Help agency staff and board with promoting and staffing of fundraisers of special events.


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